Friday, 5 July 2013

Status Fitness CoverModel Search, and new YouTube Channel :)

Hey all, I've been a little scant on the blogger posts, but am super excited to announce that myself and two of my #sistersinshape are going to be starting a youtube project in the next few weeks! We are all planning on competing in the #UFE Halloween Mayhem Competition in Ontario come October and we are taking the opportunity to share with you all our processes!! I think it will be REALLY interesting, and it will REALLY show that there's no right way to do things. We each have a different approach, and things that work for me, don't work for the others. We will each be producing a Youtube Vlog weekly, Week 1will be general, Week 2 Nutrition Based, Week 3 Workout Based, and Week 4 Lifestyle Based :) Then we will share each others vlogs so you can see all the different approaches. If you interested in competing, OR interested transforming your lifestyle into a healthier one, there will be lots of things demonstrated over the next few months that you can try!! We are so excited to share this with you all, and we are also hoping to get a sponsor so we can donate to a good cause :)

AND on another note....

I've entered in a competition for Status Fitness Magazine, and I'm hoping you can help me with votes!!! One of my bucket list items is to appear in a magazine. After my visit to #FEMCamp in April, I submitted my transformation story and submitted my story to #Future of Fitness in Oxygen Magazine!!! To my surprise, they chose BOTH of my stories!! I couldn't have been more excited, until the magazine went bankrupt before my features were published :( It sucks, but what can you do, time to move on and try something else!!! So this is my next step.....unfortunately, there's more to it than just being chosen, I have to gather votes!!! If any of you are willing to help I would appreciate it SO MUCH!!!! You can vote 5X/24hour period, and the contest runs for the month of July....fingers crossed!!

Here is the link to vote:

Until next time my fit friends!!! I will be posting the youtube video's here as well as on my channel!!! Hope you enjoy them!!!

Steph xoxo

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