Monday, 22 July 2013

How to Eat Clean while on Vacation

Due to popular demand, I'm going to write a little bit about how I stay on track, with diet and exercise while on vacation. I DID do a video on this subject before I left on my current vacation this week, but it's part of a project I'm doing with a couple of other people (one that I'm pretty excited about, so keep your eyes peeled) and can't be uploaded till the beginning of August!!

So, I'll give you the plan I had for this vacation first followed by how I prepare for more strict vacations.  I was a little more lax planning for this vacation because I don't have a photoshoot or competition for a couple more weeks AND I'm staying with my parents, so have access to car and kitchen....then I will tell you how I planned for a trip where I had a photoshoot that weekend, and was staying in a hotel without a vehicle.

First and foremost I should say, if it's a VACATION and not business or a short getaway etc, don't stress too much about it!!! I'd bring some items for the flight/drive, but once you are there, enjoy yourself!!! Go out to eat, but just make the best choices you can. There are ALWAYS options, and don't be shy with your server. They are there to serve you, and should be responsive to requests to leave items off, or put dressings on the side etc.

So for this trip, I brought lots with me because I don't like to be cooking and running to the grocery store AS SOON as my parents pick us up from the airport!!! I want to be social for a few minutes at least! HAHA, JK.

Items that I packed:

1. Pre-portioned oatmeal- I measure into baggies exactly how I like it, with pb2, cocoa and sweetner already mixed in so I just have to dump into a bowl, and water and cook in the microwave. Since I don't want to be doing a lot of cooking, and I LOVE oatmeal, I don't do yams while I'm away and just eat extra oatmeal. Keep it simple!

NOTE: in the past when I've been in a hotel, I just brew coffee (without the coffee) so you end up with hot water, and either mix my oatmeal right in the pot, or in two seperate servings in the small mugs that they always have....I have also packed a couple glass tupperware containers that I use over and over. This way the container can be put in the microwave as well. ( usually you can get a microwave on request if they don't already have one in the room!)

2. I pack my liquid and powder stevia and PB2 so I don't have to buy more while away, or have to search for it!!!

3. For a last resort, grab and go, I pack QUEST protein Bars PURE HEAVEN. Put in the microwave for 10 seconds before eating (if you have one around) and you won't miss dessert, I guarantee!!! I've found even gas stations turn a blind eye to using their microwave or hot water as long as you're buying gas or something ;)

4. Rice Cakes

5. Almond butter

6. I precook a bulk package of chicken breast and freeze. I freeze them so I can put them in my checked luggage without worrying about any leakage. By the time I make it to my destination they are pretty much thawed and ready to go. If you are going to be gone for a long time, separate into more than one bag so you can keep one if the fridge to thaw and put the others in the freezer to keep till needed.

7. Those tuna packets in the vacuum sealed bags work well also. You can usually find mustard and relish in airport and mall food courts. I use those condiments to mix into my tuna so it's not so bland.

8. Whey powder and shaker cup.

With all this packed, once we got to Winnipeg I was able to relax for a bit and didn't REALLY have to go for groceries for a day or so. When I did get to the store, I got cottage cheese, more chicken, some bulk bags of vegetables, egg whites etc. Everything I would normally eat at home!! :)

As for my workouts....I volunteer at the YMCA in Calgary (in the preschool dept) so this gives me a free membership :) It's a LOT easier to make it to they gym everyday while on vacay when it doesn't cost you 10$+ every visit!!! The YMCA also has free childcare up to 18 months, so even if my babies grandparents weren't able to watch her, I'd be able to bring her with me :) If your kids are older, there is always a drop in fee ( I know, that can add up!!!)

Now, things are a little more complicated when you are travelling on your own, in a hotel and without a car. When I went to FEM Camp in the spring I had to be a little more organized, but it was a shorter trip, so also do-able!!! Since I was going back and forth to camp during the day, I had tupperware meals packed. I know I know, not everyone can do it, but I ate everything cold. Pretty much every meal was the same as I'm used to, but cold.

Since I didn't have a car to go to the grocery store I brought all the same things as above, and in addition:

1. I didn't want to bring cartons of egg whites, so I hard boiled a bunch of eggs and sealed them up really well so they wouldn't smell.

2. I had to purchase bulk bags of broccoli and spinach in advance and bring them with me.

3. I like to rotate my protein sources though, so I precook and freeze lean beef as well.

NOTE : A great extra to bring along would be the Jamie Eason-Middleton muffins that I have on this blog in the "what I eat" section. (Scroll down to Turkey Meatloaf Muffins) They are just as good made without the oatmeal depending on what your macro demands are at the time.

I wasn't able to get cottage cheese or greek yogurt, but I don't usually eat dairy before a photoshoot anyway :)

I booked a hotel that had a kitchenette. They are VERY common now, and usually not any more expensive than hotels without!!!

In regard to exercise, I ALWAYS do my research on hotel gyms. I've almost never been unable to find a hotel with a fully equipped gym AND a kitchenette! Worst case scenario, strap on the runners and find a childrens park nearby and make something up on the fly!!!

You could always keep a MOST FIT STRAP in your bag for a bring anywhere workout!!! It doesn't even take up the space of your makeup kit in your bag and can be attached pretty much anywhere for a kick arse workout!!! ( I'll will be doing a blog on this strap very soon as well!

So there you have it!!! This is how I stay on track!!! I'm probably missing something!! I'll post in the comments if I think of anything else!!!

Please, If you have any other ideas that I can add to my repetoire or that you would like to share, that would be awesome!!! Either post on my Facebook page OR right here. I'd love to hear some new tips to help me out!!!

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